Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Adventures

Ah what a month- busy but fun! My parents are still with us, holding strong, despite being roped into helping me plant trees, vacuuming, making dinner cleaning floors and dishes. My dad has made shelves for nearly all our closets too.
In the midst of this, Heather came out for a surprise visit and I had no idea she was coming. She called mom's cell phone to chat supposedly and asked if she could speak to me. As we were talking I could hear her echoing from the front of the house and couldn't figure out why. Then as I turned around there she was in the kitchen!! We had a marvelous visit, scrapbooking of course, going for a walk, out to BBQ for lunch and more scrapbooking. She was with us from a Friday to a Monday the weekend before Mother's Day.
Craft day at the Teague's: Dad is fly tying, Mom, Heather and I are scrapbooking, and Paul in the background is modifying a Darth Vader helmet.
Sadly, Heather had to get back to work for a busy Mother's Day at the restaurant and that little thing called school. But we marched forth with our fun-having, and for Mother's Day we went to a house in Bishopville, SC where we had heard that the guy that lives there has a massive topiary garden in his 3 acres. He allows anyone to stop buy and visit and you can donate money in his mail box to the cause. Mom had heard our neighbors talking about it so we hunted it down and went. It was very cool indeed!

Pearl Fryer has been an inspiration to the neighborhood so that the adjoining neighbors on the street have taken up the craft as well.
Mixed into the month of activities, I had a few work projects, one being inundated with mosquitos that loved to hitch a ride on the ceiling of our car. Every time we opened the back door to load equipment in and out, a few hundred would fly in. We ended up spraying the inside of the car with OFF and running the A/C full blast because they really don't like that.

I also started painting a landscaping sign for a friend at work who is helping her husband get his business to take flight. I volunteered to paint the sign that will go on the back of their equipment trailer in exchange for me putting my website address on it. I am still determined to get my embroidery and painting business up and running.
Getting started in the photo above, and half way through in the photo below..
Plus, I found out I passed the PG exam so I am an official Professional Geologist for the state of North Carolina, and a week later found out we all got laid off (starting in another few weeks to a month). But, my whole office has gone for interviews with the new contracting company and I have another interview scheduled with a different company in a few weeks. So I am hopeful. It was a real blessing that I found out about my test results just in time to put it on my resume, and it was a miracle that I passed in the first place!! I have so much to give thanks for. The results came out about a month earlier than expected so the whole event feels like my own little miracle.
We have so many more pictures but most of them are on my mom's camera as she is the real photo documentarialist in the family (is that a word?). I will try and post more at a later date... I must get to bed for I have a 5:30am appointment with my colleagues and "the river" to collect surface water samples (in Virginia for the week). Good night to yall!