Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun in Feb.

Well, it's been another month and we've had snow twice already! We got about an inch or so of snow about 2 weeks ago and there are still small chunks of it melting in shady spots that haven't seen much sun. It's been very cold for here! Then today without much warning, we've just started getting more.

A few days ago we were celebrating Paul's 3... th birthday and wow that's quite something when I think back to when we met and he was a lad at 29.

Dad made us this fantastic bird house for Christmas, so we got it put up last weekend (finally). We were waiting for a non-rainy, non-snowing weekend, and it finally came!

A cute thing about Paul and his toolbelt is that he is relatively new to toolbelt use and so he will put it on with all good intentions, but forget to put things back in the pockets. So the screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, etc. will most likely be spread all over the floor and his toolbelt will be empty by the end of the day.

Ta-da! Isn't Dad talented? I think this is the cutest bird house that ever existed.

Here is an apron I made out of a vintage pillowcase and handkerchiefs. I am starting to make gift baskets with different themes, but the eco-kitchen basket is growing to be my favorite just because of the aprons.

Hope you are all doing well! Have a good rest of February and stay warm!