Wednesday, March 30, 2011

5 Months old

We've been taking lots of walks this month, even in the rain! I got some very nice cards too...
...and I FINALLY was allowed some rice cereal on my five month birthday!

I had my first road trip and weekend away. We went all the way to Williamsburg,Virginia and it took 9 hours to get there with all the stops to stretch and eat. Mom was amazed that we fit everything in the civic - I don't travel light!

I liked watching all the horse and carriages and people dressed up.

There were some nice parks there for our picnics

We also participated in the Corporate Cup 5k run/walk with Mom's company and we took the train to get there (Uptown).

I had my pre-race power drink...
.. and then we were off and walking! I was exhausted in the first 10 minutes and took a nap the rest of the way.

I've exploring my hands lots and learning to use them better, so I really love my tag blanket from Angeli!

I'm getting my vampire fangs in now rather than the top fronts, but I refse to show the camera my pearly whites.. camera shy.

See you soon! Love, Bryan

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I love this thing!

It may seem silly to like such a simple tool, but this drying rack is great!! It just arrived yesterday in the mail from Amazon and I promptly did a load of bottles that were stacked up on the counter. I usually have a bunch of bottle parts drying on the counter and thought 1) probably not that sanitary 2) cluttery mess on the counter

This thing keeps everything off the counter so it can get good air circulation and is more sanitary since everything is not sitting in a puddle, keeps parts upright that need to be upright, is versatile, is a cute patch of sunshiny grass in the kitchen, and is compact.