Monday, August 23, 2010

Ship Out and Shape Up

We had a case of uninvited guests lodging in our pantry for a few weeks. It was probably longer than a few weeks but it became very noticeable that the lodgers were multiplying and fast becoming a daily occurrence. I bought a few pantry pest traps which were moderately effective by trapping the male moths so they can't reproduce, but then some days I found that there was still some mating shenanigans going on on the ceiling. So I ended up vacuuming twice a day until we had a weekend free to tackle the pests. Upon closer examination last weekend, we had cocoons and caterpillars allll in the nuts and flour and grains in our pantry. At least they were picky eaters so it was easy to get rid of the few infested items. But the bigger problem was that there were cocooners lodged in the lips of cans and under the ledges of bottled water, lunch bags and weaseled under box flaps that were sealed. What I thought would be an hour project of sorting through our food and cleaning down the floor with vinegar, ended up being an all day event of hauling everything out of the pantry and checking each item carefully before putting away and also wiping the whole pantry down with vinegar. Some things that were very questionable went straight out onto the deck for closer investigation..
while the less susceptible things were piled up onto the counters. Finally we got rid of them all. But even after the clear out, we were getting one moth every day for four more days until we were moth-free.

This last weekend we started painting the baby room to begin sprucing it up and making it more cozy. The primary color is a beautiful key lime pie color and I have to say it was the best paint I've ever used- Mythic Paint. It has no VOCs so it is virtually odor free and is safe from off-gassing toxins into the house, plus it is non-toxic so breathing was easy for me, the painter and it will be better for the baby. But even connoisseurs of paint that don't pick a paint primarily for the health/environment reasons would pick this paint for it's exceptional quality. It applies evenly, smoothly and I only had to do one coat.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun! Fun! Fun!

I had such a fabulous weekend two weekends ago- I went back to California for my babyshower! And my, was I showered! Dad even provided the soap and shampoo. It was great because so many people came and I got to see my friends and family that I haven't seen in a long time (some I got to see at Kaitlyn's wedding in May). I wished that we all could have stayed at the shower for another day so that I could have spent more time catching up with people individually. It all went so fast! I am still overwhelmed by the kindness of Deanna and Jill to host the shower for me and also for everyone else who took the time to make the drive out... some coming from as far away as Tucson and Mariposa! Paul and I are also well stocked now with a crib, Pack 'n Play outfits, books, blankets, quilts, a stroller and just about everything else we could possibly need. Thank you everyone!

We played some fun games like figure out what kind of chocolate bar is smeared in the diaper, guess the babyfood in the jar and baby items bingo.

We also ate some great food and did what women do best - gab! :-)